Get to know hydraulic press brick making machine

The brick press production line has advanced technology, reasonable design, stable performance, reliable technology, high pressure, stable operation and high production efficiency. It is an ideal production equipment for building materials enterprises.

The Features of brick press machine:

brick press machine

  1. High pressure, the nominal pressure can reach 1600KN;
  2. The transmission part is completely sealed, the piston is multiple dustproof, pressure oil is supplied, and cyclic lubrication reduces wear and extends the life of the machine;
  3. It has the functions of pressure display, automatic shutdown of overload and oil shortage, and mechanical failure alarm;
  4. The automobile cross universal joint rotating mechanism is adopted, which makes the rotation more flexible, stable and durable;
  5. Adopting high-speed flywheel for energy storage, low power consumption and high output;
  6. The main pressure parts are made of high-quality steel after special processing, which can meet the most working pressure intensity.

How to maintain brick press machine?

  1. Always keep the brick press machineclean, remove waste and oil stains on the brick press machine, and scrub the outer surface of the brick press machine.
  2. Frequently check and adjust the gap of each part of the brick press machineto ensure the normal production of the brick press machine.
  3. If the machine needs to be sealed for a long time, all parts of the machine should be protected against rust and checked every three months. It should be cleaned with gasoline and re-oiled during use.
  4. When the vulnerable parts are worn to affect the normal operation of the brick press machine, they should be replaced in time.
  5. After the brick press machineis put into production normally, a minor repair inspection should be done half a year, and an overhaul inspection should be done once a year.

With the improvement of ceramic tile specifications and technical requirements, enterprises have increasingly strict requirements for brick presses. In the production process of the ceramics industry, the brick press is a key equipment. The equipment often uses a plunger high-pressure oil pump device as the necessary power source. The high-pressure oil pump is used to promote the terminal equipment to process the ceramic tiles. The necessary equipment for ceramic industry processing has the characteristics of large motor power, large impact and high pressure current when starting.

hydraulic press machine

The measure of brick press machine:

The main direction is to reduce the useless power loss of the compressor power source (pump station) by introducing advanced control technology, and to greatly improve the energy utilization rate. There are two main technologies in this area: servo control system and frequency conversion control system. The principles of these two technologies are the same, both are in the waiting link during the working cycle of the metal press machine to reduce the operation of the main motor to a lower level or even stop, and quickly start to meet the operation of the press when the press needs energy supply condition. In the actual test, it is shown that the energy-saving efficiency of the servo control system can reach more than 30%, and the energy-saving efficiency of the frequency conversion control system can reach 15% compared with ordinary asynchronous motor work under the premise of meeting the working needs of the press. Above (the lower the working frequency of the press, the more obvious the energy-saving effect). Relatively speaking, the variable frequency control system has a lower investment cost than the servo control system, because the price of the variable frequency motor is much lower than that of the servo motor. It can even be simple to modify the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor and then match the corresponding variable frequency controller. Achieve energy saving effect.

The secondary direction is to reduce the energy loss of the equipment itself by optimizing the mechanical structure and oil circuit system of the screw press for sale, such as:

  1. Optimize the model structure of the press to reduce the pressing force required for brick molding as much as possible;
  2. Improve the structure of valves to reduce the hydraulic oil required for opening and closing each logic valve;
  3. Optimize the opening and closing sequence and time interval of each logic valve to greatly reduce the internal leakage of the system;
  4. Try to recover part of the high-pressure oil produced by the previous compression to the accumulator in the system for use in the next working cycle;

In terms of increasing the output of a single machine: After many years of press technology, the method of increasing the output of a single machine by increasing the pressing frequency has not much potential to be tapped. The most effective method is mainly to increase the output of a single working cycle.