About Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press Machine

Forging is a manufacturing process that uses local compressive force to form metal. Hammering is carried out with a hammer (usually a power hammer) or a die. Forging is usually classified according to the temperature at which it is performed: cold forging (a type of cold working), warm forging or hot forging (a type of hot working). For the latter two metals are usually heated in a forge. The weight of forged parts ranges from less than one kilogram to hundreds of metric tons. Forging has a history of thousands of years. Traditional products include kitchen utensils, hardware, hand tools, sharp tools, cymbals and jewelry. Since the industrial revolution, forged parts have been widely used in machinery and machinery. As long as the components need high strength, such forgings usually need further processing (such as machining) to obtain finished parts. Nowadays, forging is a major worldwide industry. Well, for this major industry, as insider, I would like to introduce you about hydraulic open die forging press machines below as well.

Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press

Difference between press forging and impact forging

Die forging can be defined as the process of forming metal between two dies by applying mechanical or hydraulic pressure. Die forging is usually carried out on a hot forging press – a machine that applies progressive pressure to the forging die. The shape of the metal is usually accomplished by one stroke of the press at each die station.

The main difference between impact forging and pressure forging is that the former exerts a sudden impact force on the die, while the latter exerts gradually increasing pressure on the die. Hot forging or cold forging can be used for press forging. Pressure forging is suitable for mass production of forgings. The various forging operations and their applications in pressure forging are described below.

Type of forging press

The three main types of forging presses used for press forging are as follows:

  • Mechanical press – converts the rotation of the motor into linear motion of the plunger.
  • Hydraulic press – the hydraulic movement of the piston moves the plunger.
  • Screw press for sale – screw mechanism drives plunger movement.

Technique of Press Forging

Die forging is a technique of gradually applying pressure to the die of a fixed work-piece. This can be done as an open die forging or a closed die forging process. In open die forging, the metal is only surrounded by one side of the die. In the die or closed die forging method, the metal work-piece is enclosed in the die and pressure is applied to the die. The workpiece deforms plastically and fills the cavity. Compared with open die forging, closed die forging has less flash and less draft. Some common forging methods using closed die are die pressing and hub forging.

What is hydraulic open die forging press

Hydraulic open die forging machine is a full hydraulic control forging equipment which uses hydraulic energy to transfer energy. It is mainly used for casting alloy steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel and other metals. It can realize high-speed forging, common forging, clamping parts and other functions.

Forging press is mainly used for industrial open die forging, such as upsetting, punching, reaming, straightening, cutting, bending, drawing, etc. it can be used to produce large size and high quality open die forging in petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, electric power, aerospace and other fields.

Application of hydraulic open die forging press

In large-scale mechanical equipment and important equipment, such as steel rolling, power station (hydro-power, thermal power, nuclear power), petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, heavy weapons, etc., large-scale free forging and large-scale die forging hydraulic press are used to forge these large forgings.

Therefore, the production of heavy forgings is very important in advanced industrial countries. The industrial level and national defense strength of a country can be measured by the variety, quantity and grade of large-scale free forging hydraulic press and large-scale die forging hydraulic press owned by a country.

Large die forging high pressure heat press machine is mainly used for hot forging and isothermal super-plastic forming of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, super-alloy, powder alloy and other hard to deform materials.

The forging characteristic is that the density of the deformed material can be improved by large pressure, long holding time and slow deformation speed. The comprehensive performance of the forging can be improved by refining the material grain, and the deformation uniformity of the whole forging can be improved. The hard to deform material and the forging with complex structure can meet the design requirements through isothermal forging and superplastic deformation. The material can be saved by 40% and the machining capacity can be achieved less or near net target.

Isothermal die forging hydraulic press is the key equipment for aerospace, aerospace and other important machinery to produce important forgings.