The refractory is being further developed and perfected, and the demand for refractory products is constantly increasing. We have been engaged in the research and development of machinery for producing this refractory. Digital control perfectly simulates manual operation, light pressure exhaust, and short strokes. Achieved different refractory processing. Refractory press is conducive to the elimination of gas and the realization of automatic control, to obtain a brick blank with uniform density, accurate size and few spalling.

The upper and lower beams of the refractory molding high pressure heat press machine are connected by columns and nuts, and the front end of the main hydraulic cylinder is connected by a flange at the bottom of the beam. The lower mold is fixed on the lower beam and the upper mold is fixed on the middle slide. The upper and lower molds can be removed and replaced.

Our refractory brick press machine is reliable, flexible and highly automated. It is the most commonly used press for high-quality refractory products of various sizes, shapes and compositions worldwide, is widely used in ceramics plants and refractory plants. Our automatic press machine, such as refractory friction screw press and electric refractory press machines are currently produced and exported to many overseas countries.