An electric screw brick press machine for sale includes a fuselage, a motor which is vertically mounted on the fuselage and can be reversed, This brick press has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, high precision, good forming quality of brick products, overload safety protection, fewer parts, compact structure, short transmission chain, easy manufacturing, easy installation, competitive price, convenient maintenance, and energy saving. Can be widely used in refractory brick forming industry.


About electric refractory presses’ specification and standard, Fangze Machinery provides broad range of size and standard according to oversea steel buyers’ requirement.

Standard: JB∕T 12382.1-2015;

Nominal Force: 4000-16000 KN or as requirements;

Mini Closing Height: 800-1080 mm or as requirements.


1.The use of electric screw brick press improves the quality of refractory molding products. According to the technological requirements of refractory molding, the impact force and energy of each blow are digitally set. During the forming process of each brick, light, medium and gravity blows can be achieved in order to eliminate air and compact the brick to improve product quality.

2.High energy and pressure CNC precision. The consistency of the formed refractory bricks is good, and the qualified rate is improved.

3.Higher equipped with dual functions of motor brake and mechanical brake to ensure that the brake can be braked at any position; designed with infrared safety protection, which can effectively prevent personal accidents; and an emergency stop button is provided. When an accident occurs, press the button. The button will stop the device.