Friction screw press machines, heat industrial screw presses with friction drive, are widely cited in the machinery manufacturing industry, we mainly manufacturing best price J54 Series Cookware Screw Type Mechanical Press Machine and J53 Series Double Disc Friction Screw Press For Sale.

In order to protect the safety of operators, our automatic friction screw presses are mainly equipped with the following protection devices.

The first type is a hand protection device, which is also called a swing bar hand protection device. This device is a device that uses the principle of leverage to move the hand away.

The second type is a push-hand protection device. This is a mechanical protection device. Through the linkage with the slider and the swing of the baffle, the hand is pushed away from the die to form a protection.

The third is a handle safety protection device, which is a linkage device that moves the operator’s hand and the movement of the slider, using pulleys, levers, ropes, etc.