Industrial metal press machine for cnc sheet

CNC press machine is a kind of electric screw press. It adopts permanent magnet synchronous servo motor drive control. It consists of frame, flywheel, screw nut, slide block, lubrication mechanism, braking mechanism and other mechanical parts, servo motor, electrical control cabinet, Operation button station and other electrical parts constitute.

Application of CNC Press:

Refractory shaped products, also mede by brick press machine, such as various bricks, tiles and other refractory products forming processing, its application examples include high alumina bricks, clay bricks, magnesia bricks, honeycomb lattice bricks, andalusite bricks, lightweight insulation bricks, special-shaped bricks, burners Hundreds of composite bricks, carbon bricks, silica bricks, phosphate bricks, magnesia carbon bricks, refractory balls, etc. are used in metallurgy, building materials, electric power, and petrochemical industries.

Industrial metal press machine for cnc sheet

Mechanical structure of metal press machine:

Metal press is also called hydraulic press. The industrial metal press machine for cnc sheet consists of four parts: upper pressure four-column hydraulic press; combined control cabinet; electric heating system and heat preservation device; mold conveying platform. The above-mentioned composition adopts an integrated design, which makes it elegant, beautiful, compact in structure, simple and reliable in operation, and convenient in maintenance.

Four column hydraulic press

The press should have reliable structural rigidity and deformation resistance. The position on the hydraulic station and the pressure row should be equipped with a mold hoisting connection device, and the hydraulic station and pressure row should have a removable dust-proof cover. The output direction of the workpiece is the length (3000) direction. The technical parameters are as follows: Nominal pressure 190T; effective worktable area 3000×750 mm2; compression movement speed 75~100 mm/s; maximum opening and closing distance 550 mm (excluding heating plate); holding pressure time 8h (workpiece 130℃) ; The height of the press base is 0.5~0.55m; the flatness of the press and the base is 0.2 mm; the average gap between the press and the base is ≤0.25 mm (not less than 10 measuring points).

The advantages of CNC press:

1. Driven by a servo motor, it can achieve ultra-short stroke and fast strike, double overload, long-term operation without temperature rise, maintenance-free, and more energy-saving.

2. Adopt servo drive controller to accurately control the brick thickness, fast response speed and more stable operation.

3. It has a fully automatic thin oil and grease independent lubrication system, and is equipped with an oil shortage alarm device to achieve maintenance-free, ensure the healthy operation of the equipment, increase the service life of the equipment, and reduce the maintenance cost.

4. The mechanical gearbox is eliminated, there is no energy conversion loss, and the failure point is reduced.