Solution to the use problems of electric screw presses

We all know that electric screw presses are widely used in many fields. It is generally believed that electric screw presses are used in industry. In fact, their appearance will appear in many industries and are indispensable tools in our production. With it , Our forging work can become smoother. However, no matter how good the performance of the device is, after a period of use, it will cause equipment failure due to various problems, which will affect the normal use and use effect.

Solution to the use problems of electric screw presses

In order to help users solve various problems in the use of electric screw press machine, the following content will provide relevant insights:

1. Component repair method. Remove the entire parts that need to be repaired by the electric screw press, replace it with a set of parts prepared in advance, and then send the replaced parts to the repair shop for repair, so that they can be used again next time. This method will save the assembly time of parts disassembly and shorten the downtime of repair. Especially when the newly replaced parts are not properly sized with the original parts, or the original parts are difficult to disassemble, it will affect the production due to too long downtime for repairs. In this case, this method is more suitable, such as the repair of the vacuum brick extruder or the repair of the mixing shaft of the mixer.

2. Divisional repair method. The characteristic of this method is that the various parts of the equipment are not repaired at the same time, but are repaired separately in order according to the individual parts of the entire equipment, and only part of them are repaired at a time. This method has short downtime for each repair and will not affect production. For example, the overhaul of the non-burning electric screw press forging can be divided into three parts: replacing the twister, repairing the transmission shaft, and reducing the gear. The downtime of each repair is short, and the equipment utilization rate of the brick extrusion machine can be improved.

3. Synchronous repair method. This refers to several equipments that are closely related to each other in the process, and they are scheduled to be repaired at the same time to achieve synchronization of repairs to reduce downtime for scattered repairs.

Through the introduction of the solutions to the failure of the electric screw press, it is not difficult to see that no matter which method can effectively solve the problem, but the steps of each method are different, and the failure occurs when the equipment is used. At that time, we can choose the method that suits us according to our needs and actual situation. Of course, we must regularly check and maintain the equipment during use to reduce the probability of equipment failure.