Automatic friction press machine operation rules

Automatic friction press is a versatile pressure processing machine, which is widely used and can be used in various industries of pressure processing. Since its creation, friction presses have played an important role in industrial development. In order to regulate its operation, it is necessary to pay attention to follow the process:
1. Wear and wear protective equipment.
2. Observe the general safety technical operation regulations of shear punching machinery.
3. The mold closing height must be checked before installing the mold. The closing height can only be installed within the allowable range. Adjust the upper and lower strokes of the punch to keep it within the specified safety range.

friction press machine operation rules
4. When the device is put on the mold, it should be aligned with the hole of the mold handle, so as not to bite the edge of the hole when the slider falls. The area of ​​the template should not be too small to avoid crushing the upper die hole.
5. When using the top material, the length of the rods on both sides should be adjusted to be consistent, and must not be skewed.
6. The process of starting the equipment is to start the oil pump (or first open the compressed air valve) and then start the friction wheel motor. The opposite is true when stopping. The motor driving the friction wheel should be turned off before the oil pump (or compressed air valve) is turned off.
7. Pay attention to whether the oil pump pressure or compressed air pressure is normal when working.
8. No other work such as machine tool adjustment or mold installation is allowed while the flywheel is rotating.
9. After the work is completed, put the punch down smoothly and close the car in order.
The advantages of automatic press machine: it has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, short transmission chain, convenient operation, safe operation, and small maintenance workload. The press can accurately set the strike energy, the strike force is displayed, and can be based on the molding accuracy Adjust the energy and impact force to reduce the mechanical stress and thermal contact time of the mold and extend the life of the mold. Automatic friction screw presses have two transmission forms: one is the screw press transmitted through the first gear, the specifications are 0.4MN ~ 80MN, and the other is the direct drive electric screw press, the specifications are 0.16MN ~ 16MN . The press has good rigidity, high guiding precision of the slider, and strong anti-eccentric load capacity. It can be used for multi-station die forging and is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly press.