Press machine, has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high efficiency and wide range of uses. Generally, presses are divided into three categories: screw presses, crank presses and hydraulic presses. We main manufacture and export heat friction and electric screw press for sale.

How the machine press works?

Although in general, the working principle of a machine differs depending on the type of machine, but, most machines work by pressing a plate or mold on or to the workpiece. They are controlled by one or more workers called “tool installers” who can position the workpiece and control the high speed press machine. Once the workpiece is placed under the machine platen or mold, the tool setter activates the machine press. Using hydraulic pressure, a press machine pushes a plate or die against the surface of the workpiece, causing the shape of the workpiece to deform.

Advantages of press:

1.The number of trips is high. The high number of strokes can reduce the contact time between the forging and the forging die, extend the life of the forging die, and keep the billet at a higher forging temperature.

2.There are up and down top device. In order to reduce the forging slope of the forging, shorten the contact time between the forging and the die cavity, and make it easier for the operator to clamp the forging, the upper and lower forging parts are installed on the hot forging press.

3.Strong anti-eccentricity. Multi-die bore forging makes hot die forging presses often in an eccentric loading working state. The eccentric load will cause the slider to tilt, making the die forgings uneven in thickness, with large errors, which affects the accuracy of the forgings.

4.Sufficient stiffness. In order to achieve high rigidity, the hot die screw press forging uses a short and thick integral connecting rod in the structure, an eccentric shaft with high rigidity, a mold height adjustment mechanism with higher rigidity, and a reduction in the height of the fuselage to increase the fuselage. Section area and many other measures.